segunda-feira, dezembro 19, 2011

There are no exact guidelines. There are probably no guidelines at all. The only thing I can recommend at this stage is a sense of humor, an ability to see things in their ridiculous and absurd dimensions, to laugh at others and at ourselves, a sense of irony regarding everything that calls out for parody in this world. In other words, I can only recommend perspective and distance. Awareness of all the most dangerous kinds of vanity, both in others and in ourselves. A good mind. A modest certainty about the meaning of things. Gratitude for the gift of life and the courage to take responsibility for it. Vigilance of spirit.
  • Address upon receiving the Open Society Prize awarded by Central European University (24 June 1999)

    Vaclav Havel, que morreu ontem.

    Recomendava perspectiva e distância e vigilância do espírito: o programa que Eça de Queiróz traça n'"A Cidade e as Serras" como condição de civilização.

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